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Protect Your Cargo and Truck Bed With A New Leer Truck Topper

All of our truck toppers lock keeping your cargo safe from weather, dirt, grime and theft! All toppers are custom fit to your truck and professionally installed. There are many styles to choose from to get the look you desire. Call now to get your new topper!

Why buy a truck topper?

  • Custom fit to your vehicle

  • Expands cargo space

  • Protects your cargo & truck bed from weather, dirt, and grime

  • Locks securely

  • Custom colors available to match your truck

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Protect Your Cargo With a New Truck Topper or Truck Bed Cover

Truck bed cover

Let us know the make and model of your truck and we will install a custom fit Leer Topper on your truck!

Check out our custom wheels and rims. Call